CatEye Velo 7The selection of the bike computer depends on the specifications and functionality. Although there are many devices at disposal, the CatEye Velo 7 bicycle computer, stands apart as the preferred apparatus for bicycle lovers. Riding a cycle is a fun activity and good form of exercise. Most couples love to spend riding their cycles as a leisure activity or as a fitness regimen. Cateye Velo 7


At an affordable pricing structure with about $16, the CatEye computer is a perfect addition to tracking the entire history of riding. The long length of the cable gives freedom to place the sensor with ease.


The production of the bike computer bought a change to the whole activity. It is now possible to collect the entire data of the trip and even store it in the system. The previous information of the trips helps as analyzing data. It helps an individual to assess their consistency and speed. Such elements matter most for semi-skilled riders who are serious about riding.


The entry-level computer offers seven different functions. The newly designed device has a larger screen for better visibility of the numbers. The pre-programmed tire sizes within the system makes it easy for a rider to install the unit with ease. The upgraded screen gives clear readings of the current, average and maximum speed along with the trip distance, trip time and odometer. Mounting the device becomes accessible when a person follows the installation directions. The functions include in the device are suitable for both novices and semi-skilled professionals. The rest function clears all the readings of the previous trip, making it once again ready for a new trip. However, the odometer and the clock keep on ticking. They give an overall out view of the total distance traveled, and time spent on a bicycle since the installation of a bike computer. Powered by lithium battery, the bike computer from CatEye has in-built power saving mode. It increases the life span of the battery, enabling the user to travel farther distances. Although the company claims the life span of the battery as three years, it changes according to the environment conditions and the daily use. The single button control leaves behind the tough task to operate a computer while driving. The auto start options functions like magic, powering the device to life as soon as the rider sets into motion. Although the pre-programmed tire sizes gives freedom to set in motion, the calibration option still operates efficiently in calculating the wheel circumference. The availability of optional parts makes it easy to install the system and record the complete action of riding. Furthermore, coupling the device with smartphone app transforms into a new level with GPS and tracking. The careful preparation of the installation of the cable routing ensures that the device functions properly irrespective of the weather conditions. It will also avoid the slack development that can pull back the wire and equipment during handle rotation.


The CatEye Velo 7 is a perfect choice for biking lovers who wish to record and store their riding habit. It is an excellent utility for money admitting that it functions effectively. It delivers a long service, if it is free from any physical abuse.