CatEye Padrone, Orange

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CatEye Padrone, Orange Cateye CO. Ltd.
CatEye Padrone, Orange Cateye CO. Ltd.

Featuring the largest display on the market, the Cat Eye padrone wireless gives you capture-at-a-glance information in virtually all conditions. It's designed to eliminate squinting on fast descents, and it's the perfect solution for cyclists with corrective eyewear. Extremely thin, the padrone integrates well with your bike's stem or handlebars. The click tec button Interface offers easy navigation between screens and instant access to current/average/maximum speed, trip distance, odometer, elapsed time, stopwatch and clock. Screen is 85% larger than the Cat Eye urban, the body is thinner than the Cat Eye urban wireless. One touch of the click tec button Interface accesses all essential functions display features: stopwatch current speed total distance trip distance elapsed time average speed maximum speed clock Auto power saving Auto Mode other features: o Cat Eye flex-tight bracket mounts to a stem or handlebars quickly, securely and tool-free o lithium battery Cr2032 o 1-year battery life o universal sensor mount attaches to road and mountain bike forks.

CatEye Padrone, Orange

CatEye Padrone, Orange Cateye CO. Ltd.    CatEye Padrone, Orange Cateye CO. Ltd. Rating: Show Rating


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Top Features

  • Large display screen and characters ensure you see your data at a glance
  • Analog wireless mount requires no tools and looks clean
  • Features include current/max/average speed/trip distance/total distance
  • Includes a stopwatch
  • Click tec button interface accesses all essential functions

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