CatEye Padrone

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CatEye Padrone Cateye CO. Ltd.
CatEye Padrone Cateye CO. Ltd.

Why burden yourself with an overly complicated cycling GPS if you're just looking to record speed and distance statistics' The CatEye Padrone offers an incredibly easy-to-use interface with straightforward data collection, measuring speed and distance metrics, as well as keeping track of the time in 12 and 24-hour formats. Its large LCD display is easy to view for quickly glancing at your current speed or total distance without being distracted from the road ahead. Furthermore, you'll appreciate its easy-to-replace CR2032 batteries. It comes with a handlebar mounting bracket, as well as a wireless fork-mounted sensor for accurate speed and distance tracking.

CatEye Padrone

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Top Features

  • Altimeter: no
  • Heart Rate Monitor: no
  • Speedometer Functions: average, maximum, current
  • Chronograph: no
  • Sensor: fork-mounted

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