iBike Newton Cycling Power Meter (Black)

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iBike Newton Cycling Power Meter (Black) Uncategorized
iBike Newton Cycling Power Meter (Black) Uncategorized

The Most User-Friendly, Value-Driven, Technologically-Forward Cycling Power Meter Measurement Tool Available! Ibike Newton Is More Than Just “The Next Generation Of Technology” It’s A Complete Redesign Of Power Measurement Reflecting The Input And “Wish List” Features Of Thousands Of Cyclists World-Wide. Isaac Includes Artificial Intelligence Wizards That Make Setup, Calibration, And Ride Analysis Both Easy And Accurate. Isaac Is So Smart That You Won't Have To Read Long Software Manuals, Or Remember Button Pushes. Isaac Does The Thinking; You Do The Riding. Isaac Also Knows How To Talk To Your Ibike Newton Through Your Mac/PC. Whether You're A Racing Newbie Or An Experienced Coach, Isaac Opens Up New Vistas Of Cycling Information, Analysis And Competitive Understanding. Isaac Includes Amazing Ride Analysis Tools Found In No Other Bike Computer Product Or Software, At Any Price, Including Detailed Presentation Of Wind Speed And Hill Slope Information That Facilitate Better Understanding Of Riding Style And Bike Race Dynamics And Of Course, TSS, IF And NP Information Is Available. Isaac Checks Automatically For Updates Of Your Ibike Software And Firmware. Also, Isaac Includes Lots Of Helpful Information And Links That You Can Use To Learn More About Power Measurement And Power Training. There's Even Links To Forums Of Like-Minded Cyclists.

iBike Newton Cycling Power Meter (Black)

iBike Newton Cycling Power Meter (Black) Uncategorized    iBike Newton Cycling Power Meter (Black) Uncategorized Rating: Show Rating


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Top Features

  • Requires User-Supplied PC/Mac For Recharging The Newton's Battery
  • Isaac works with all iBike power meters - iBike Newton or iBike DashplusPower and will accept any iBike ride file, from any generation iBike
  • Analyze: Isaac analyzes your Newton's calibration to make sure you're getting optimum accuracy Isaac also keeps track of your ride history, so you can watch your cycling fitness progress
  • Setup: Isaac guides you through the setup of your software and your iBike Newton
  • Share: Isaac lets you share your ride files with your coach, or post your ride results on Facebook or Twitter

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