Lezyne Mini GPS Bike Computer

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Lezyne Mini GPS Bike Computer Lezyne
Lezyne Mini GPS Bike Computer Lezyne

In a sport that fetishizes low weight and minimalist profiles, Lezyne's Mini GPS Bike Computer has one feature that immediately gives it a wheel-length's advantage over the competition. According to Lezyne, it's the smallest GPS unit you can mount on handlebars. At a claimed 30g and with a footprint so reduced that it might easily be mistaken as a cadence-only computer, "smallest" seems to be an accurate descriptor. All told, the Mini GPS weighs a full 27g less than its leading competition. Low weight is useless without some kind of functionality to justify the Mini GPS's addition to your kit, though, and -- as you might expect from the meticulous engineers at Lezyne -- this head unit is mini in stature only. While it doesn't connect to heart rate monitors or power meters, its out-sized features list includes displaying speed, three different ride-related times, trip distance, odometer distance, elevation gains and losses, current elevation, laps, temperature, battery life, and even the strength of the GPS signal it's using to track all of that. In short, it's virtually every measurement you need to map yourself on a bike. It has the capacity to store up to 100 hours of this data, but it will only collect in ten hour increments between charges -- of course, chances are good that rides any longer than this are being logged by a DS in a support car. If you're unit is approaching full or you're just anxious to compile your numbers, the GPS Mini plugs into any USB port with a provided cable. Your ride stats can then be uploaded, automatically mapped, and converted to an analyzable data set on the free database on Lezyne's homepage, making the Mini GPS's data dumps among the simplest that we've come across. While many of these features are the same that we'd expect from other manufacturers' larger GPS units, Lezyne finishes the Mini GPS off with a few classically meticulous touches. The high-resolution display doesn't wash out under sunlight, and it also has a backlig...

Lezyne Mini GPS Bike Computer

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Top Features

  • Altimeter: yes
  • Heart Rate Monitor: no
  • Clock: yes
  • Battery Type: mini USB rechargeable
  • Mount Type: X-Lock

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